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NPR Puppy Membership 

This membership is ideal as a starter membership for puppies anywhere from 2 months old up to 16 months old. We recommend 1-2 months on this membership then graduating onto our Daycare Memberships.

  • Daycare 2 Times/Week

  • $50 Training Gift Card with Dave McMahon

  • Stuffed Kongs for Chew Time

  • Bi-Weekly Nail Trims & Introduction to Paw Handling

  • Introduction to Crate Training & Basic Command Practice

  • Introduction to Proper Socialization Techniques

  • Monthly Deluxe Spa Bath & Brush (Includes teeth, ears & nails)

  • 5 Personalized Monthly Photos

  • Guaranteed Booking

  • 25% Off Any Additional Daycare or Overnight Stays

  • Niagara Pet Resort Welcome Package at Sign Up


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