They say once you go bully you don’t go back ...well that is very true. On September 25th, 2010 we picked up our little ball of wrinkles and brought him home, from that moment on our lives were forever changed.


Harley Dean is your classic case of bulldog chaos, from his fantastic personality to his frantic health issues. You name it Harley had it! Hundreds of sleepless nights paired with thousands of dollars, followed by many glasses of wine. Life became very unhinged.  Working full time in the city put so much guilt and pressure on us. We started becoming crazy pet parents reading anything and everything, talking to many dog experts and visiting with countless daycares. It was so hard to find a balance for his high energy and sensitive health.  Living in Toronto just didn’t seem to fit anymore for our threesome, something was missing.

So we packed up and moved back to our hometown in the country. We converted Harley to a raw diet that we make ourselves, had three vets approve, and we have not had a major vet bill since. He spends his days swimming in the pond, trekking through our 10 acres, and having many play dates. Suddenly we had this healthy well mannered dog and life was good. We strongly believe that an exercised and stimulated dog is a well behaved, healthy dog. And so the Niagara Pet Resort was born.

We are both country kids and have had many years of experience working with dogs, cats, horses, and even raccoons! Our home is your pet’s home, and really... there is no place like a country home. Harley approved, we are proud to be Niagara’s first cage free resort.


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