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With the warmer weather coming, we often tend to take our dogs out on many more adventures. Although taking your pup on a hike throughout the town, into the woods, or out to the lake might seem fun and harmless, there are many things you could encounter along the way that may cause your pet to require minor medical attention. Your dog could injure their nail and require something like Kwik-Stop to stop any bleeding. They may even get a puncture or scratch while your pup is out trail blazing.  All of these things (or any other minor incidents) could easily and safely be resolved without having to interrupt your adventure with the help of a Pet First Aid Kit, or even some Pet First Aid training.


At Niagara Pet Resort, we always carry a Pet First Aid Kit on us while out on excursions with client dogs. We also have a Pet First Aid Kit fully stocked at the resort as well, just in case of any emergencies, or if any bumps or bruises happen to occur while “ruff-housing” with playful friends. It is actually very simple to create your own Pet First Aid Kit at home.


We’ve put together a list of all the essentials to make sure you and your pup can go on many fun filled adventures this spring without having to worry about being unprepared.

  • Pet First Aid handbook

  • Adhesive tape

  • Bandages/Gauze (of all sizes)

  • Scissors with blunt end

  • Vet Wrap (which you can get at stores such as TSC, Greenhawk Horse Supplies, or Minor Brothers. It is great for wrapping and firmly securing bandages and it will not stick to pet fur)

  • Benadryl (for any allergies that may occur)

  • Kwik-Stop (or something that will clot blood, like flour or cornstarch)

  • Cold pack (reduce any swelling or cool off your pup)

  • Sterile Saline Solution (for any eye irritations)

  • Hydrogen peroxide

  • Antibiotic ointment

  • Tweezers

  • Cotton Swabs

  • Disposable gloves

  • Oral Syringe (or Turkey Baster)

  • Alcohol Wipes

  • Small Flashlight

  • Blanket/Towel

  • Nature’s Aid (an all natural topical solution that is aloe based which can cure anything from a scratch, sooth a bug bite, or reduce swelling. We ALWAYS have Nature's Aid on hand at Niagara Pet Resort, and we recommend it to everyone)


It is also a good idea to have emergency vet clinic’s and Animal Poison Control phone numbers on hand in case of any emergencies.

  • Niagara Veterinary Emergency Clinic
    3300 Merrittville Hwy Unit 1A, Thorold ON

  • Fallsview Veterinary Emergency Clinic
    6144 McLeod Rd, Niagara Falls ON

  • ASPCA Animal Poison Control

If putting your own Pet First Aid kit together seems like a time consuming task, you can purchase one that is already pre-made at a local pet store and have it ready to go. Pet Smart and Pet Valu sell a Kurgo Pet First Aid kit that has all of the essentials:



While having your own Pet First Aid Kit is a great way to ensure your dog’s safety when you are out and about, you can always take a Pet First Aid Class and become certified to help your own pup or others in need. If you are looking to take a class, St. John Ambulance has a Pet First Aid course available. Both the Lincoln and Welland humane societies offer a monthly course as well. You could also find a Pet First Aid course online that will teach you everything that you need to know!


Going out with your dog this spring will be a lot more enjoyable knowing you have everything completely prepared to have a fun and safe adventure for both you and your dog!


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