Why We Love Kongs




We often get asked if we can give pups their own treats here at the resort. In order to keep every dog on an even playing field, this is something we typically avoid. We do however believe that the pups still deserve some chew time on the daily. This is where Kongs come in. Kongs are durable rubber dog toys that are hollow so they can be stuffed with anything of your (or your pups) choosing. Their durability and strength makes them safe for all pups (they’ve passed the Harley Dean bulldog chew test!) and they come in all different sizes. When stuffed, it adds a special bonus -  the dogs need to do some work to get at whatever is inside - a great way to keep them busy!


We use Kongs daily mid-day here at the resort to break up a day full of playtime. All of our members automatically get stuffed Kongs and they can be added onto any reservation (daycare or overnight) for non-members at an additional cost. We love that they can be frozen, which makes each pup work harder at getting to the filling and is overall a much more stimulating activity as a result. For pups who have allergies or did not have a Kong requested, we’ll sometimes give them an empty frozen one so they can still get some chewin’ time in. 


     For our Kong stuffing we always stick with healthy items that we know the pups will love….

  • Peanut butter is a go-to. We typically mix with yogurt to ensure it’s not too much on a pup's tummy. The peanut butter we use is sugar free and salt free to avoid anything unnecessary going into the dogs' digestive system.

  • Yogurt is a close second. We stick with 1% and we always go with plain so there is no added sugars. Yogurt is also a great way to help with tummy issues so this stuffing does double duty for the pups.

  • Unpasteurized honey is another easy add in, always along with something else. This is a good way to add flavour and it has natural antibiotic properties.

  • Pumpkin is one of our favourite seasonal add-ins. An added benefit is that it’s a great way to firm up stools, plus a lot of pups LOVE this special treat. We’ve found mixing with yogurt or applesauce equals deliciousness for the dogs. 

  • Applesauce (again no sugar added) is another favourite. It's great with any of the above, and is an easy mix-in the pups enjoy.

Seasonally we’ll add in some other fun healthy items to keep the pups busy: cranberries, cinnamon, mint, blended strawberries, mashed sweet potato, etc. We love to try out fun blends for your pups, all approved by our canine nutritionist, Marisa!


Kongs are a great thing to keep at home, when you’re making dinner or sitting down to watch tv, keep your pup busy with a delicious customized treat.

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