Valerie Burke  - Canine Caregiver 

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Valerie's hard working attitude ensures each and every dog always has the best time possible at the resort. With the essential ability to maintain a sense of calm on even the busiest of days, she is a pillar of strength for her fellow pack leaders. As a long time team member she knows all of our pups like her own and treats them that way. She has been crucial when new team members come on board, showing them the ropes and quickly making them feel at home. Similar to her, Val's Shepherd mix Indiana is great at introductions and always excited to meet the new pups attending the resort. In her down time Val loves fishing and using drawing to unleash her creative side!


Beth Kvas - Canine Caregiver 

Not afraid of any challenges, Beth's tenacity is an asset on a daily basis with the pack. Throughout her career at the resort she has put in the time and effort to grow substantially as a person while proving herself an excellent team player. Beth comes from a background working with & riding horses which made the transition to working with dogs a natural one. With a Husky and Border Collie mix of her own at home, she excels at working with the high energy breeds in the pack. Beth is always able to quickly get to know the dogs and understand each one's individual personality. When she's not racing around the field she enjoys hiking with her pups Maya & Renley and signing karaoke!

Courtney Eldridge - Canine Caregiver 

Our newest pack leader Courtney has quickly become one of the family. Her amazing sense of humour and ability to see the fun in day-to-day activities make her an excellent pack leader. The pups thrive being around her positive energy and are always excited to see her. Similar to Canine Caregiver Beth, Courtney has a background with horses which has given her the confidence to work with a pack of dogs. With her determination Courtney continues to rapidly progress to being the ultimate pack leader here at the resort! Courtney often cares for her brother's Cattle Dog mix and hopes to get a Chocolate Lab of her own very soon. When she's not playing with the pups, Court spends her time horseback riding and hiking in the great outdoors.

Allison Tremblay - Administrative Coordinator

In charge of all of our reservations, appointments, emails, messages, Pawgress Reports, social media and everything in between, Allison is the crucial main hub of Niagara Pet Resort. Her organizational skills and attention to detail ensure nothing is ever missed. Through writing report cards and mingling with clients at pick ups she has gotten to know everyone (dogs & people alike) in a very short time. A fast learner with the ability to think outside the box, Allison is always coming up with ways to ensure things are done in the most efficient way possible. Not yet a dog owner herself, she gets her fill of pups at the resort but hopes to get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the near future!

Heather Disher - Dog Bather Extraordinaire

An asset to the resort, Heather is in charge of making sure all of our Niagara Pet Resort members go home looking their best. Some of our pups enjoy the pools or mud puddles during play time but after a visit to Heather they come out looking better than when they arrived! Having an excellent ability with dogs, our members look forward to visiting her in the salon on a weekly or monthly basis. When she's not working her magic at the resort Heather enjoys spending time with her two Bulldog mixes Gabby & Gus and riding her Harley!

Sarah Kyle - Grooming by Sarah

A wiz with scissors, Sarah excels at all and any breed trims (with a special flair for Schnauzers & Bichons). The care & time she puts into each groom is well worth the final result. Growing up on a farm Sarah knew from a young age that she loved being around animals. As she got older she began volunteering at vet offices doing bathing & nail trims. She loved watching show dogs, seeing the drastic differences between them and less fortunate pups she realized she wanted to start grooming as a career. After working under experienced groomers she eventually adapted her own style. Now with over 5 years experience her 'grooming with a difference' cannot be matched. Sarah began working with the resort a couple of years ago, coming to groom once a week. She has recently joined our team full time and our pups (and clients!) could not be happier. When she's not clipping, Sarah loves horseback riding and hiking with her pup Velvet!


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