Open Concept Boarding and Daycare for Dogs!

Niagara Pet Resort is an Open Concept, overnight and daycare facility nestled in Niagara on the Lake wine country. We sit on a 10 acre country property conveniently located 5 minutes from the highway and the most direct route to downtown Niagara on the Lake. Our property boasts two large fenced in play areas, a pond, VIP area, indoor play barn and deck lounging space. 


What do you mean by Open Concept?

Open Concept means all of our pups are in a pack environment together! At Niagara Pet Resort your dog spends their day doing what dogs do and playing with other dogs. They are supervised 24/7 and assessed on their socialization during their trial day. We don’t believe in putting your pet in a kennel and scheduling walks and play time...that’s not fun for us or your pooch!

Where do they sleep?

True to their roots the pups spend downtime in our dog den. Your pup can catch their z’s on a plush doggy bed or crates are available for the dogs that prefer their own space. The dog den includes an air purification system and essential oil diffusions for relaxation. 

How are they fed?

The dogs are fed twice a day, once in the morning & once in the evening. Feeding is supervised and we have safe zones for your pup to eat in if they don't want anyone else around their meals. Lunch can be fed upon request. 

Do we bring our dog's food?

Yes! It’s the only thing you need to bring. We like to restrict any temporary changes to your dog’s diet. 

Our dogs eat raw, can you accommodate us? 

What a coincidence, our dog eats raw too! We are pro’s with the raw diet, and have lots of fridge and freezer space.

How often are the dogs watched?

Always Always Always! When we say 24/7 supervision that means all day, all evening, everyday.

Do you have an Emergency Vet nearby?

Absolutely. If an emergency occurs, we have 2 vets close by, one is available 24 hours. Everyone working at  NPR is also Pet First Aid certified.


905 933 5255